5 Roof Designs to Consider for Your Home

5 Roof Designs to Consider for Your Home

The roof is one of the most commonly overlooked parts of the house. It’s rare for homeowners to pay it any mind until something goes wrong. Did you know your roof design can impact your home’s overall appearance and the structure’s durability? Here are five roof designs you should consider during remodeling or new construction projects.

The best roof designs for your home

Modern Flat Roof

In the past, flat roofs were primarily found on outbuildings and commercial facilities. Now, however, more and more homeowners are opting for a modern flat roof. These roofs are stylish and convenient. Plus, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to use their flat roofs for leisure activities. An important thing to note about this type of roof is that it’s not completely flat — a low pitch is added to allow for drainage. 

Curved Roof

Roofs are not limited to straight lines and sharp angles — a roof can be curved. Metal roofing allows roof builders to create unique and stylish designs that were once impossible. Metal is bent to create curved roofs, creating more usable living space beneath. With a curved roof, your house would surely be the talk of the town. 

Sculptured Roof

If you want something completely out of the ordinary, you can opt for a sculptured roof. Many contemporary homes feature roofs with a sculptural or artistic effect. You can add your personal touch to your house, and no one in the neighborhood would have a roof like yours. This is a great option for anyone who wants something unique to enhance their home’s curb appeal. 

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs create a symmetrical shape by bending at the ridge and at another point to create what most Americans call a “Dutch” design. They start by sloping at a gentle angle. Then, they slope once again at a much steeper angle, creating a rustic, farmhouse look.

Dormer Roof

Technically, a dormer is a window that extends outward from the sloped side of a roof. This extended window is capped with its own roof which can be flat, pitched, or arched. This style of roof is an excellent way to bring in more natural light and airflow throughout the upper level of the house. Dormer windows also add dimension to your roofline.

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