5 Ways Winter Weather May Have Damaged Your Roof

5 Ways Winter Weather May Have Damaged Your Roof

Winter can be harsh on your home. In particular, winter weather conditions pose a significant risk for your house’s roof. Exposure to the cold, snow, and ice can lead to extensive roof damage. Here are five of the most common roof damages that homeowners should be aware of. 

Attic Condensation 

Winter build-up on top of your roof can lead to problems in your attic. Moisture entering into your attic is more than just an annoyance. It can lead to serious health problems. Wood rot and mold are some things that can happen if you allow the problem to persist. To avoid this from happening, plug any leaks in the insulation on the attic floor where warm, moist air from below may enter. 

Ice Dam Formation

While you’re staying warm inside of your house during a snowstorm, the heat from the inside of your house is rising to your roof. Once the heat has reached your roof, it will begin to melt any ice that is sitting on top of it. The water will melt and drip down to the colder edges of the roof. Once it reaches a colder part of your roof, the water will refreeze and expand into your roof’s shingles and eventually lead to leakage. 


Icicles are interesting to look at. They may look like a harmless decoration to your home, but icicles can cause damage to your shingles and gutters. Not to mention, they also pose a safety risk since they can break off and fall to the ground at any moment. You can reduce the likelihood of icicles from forming by eliminating roof-top air leaks and installing better insulation. You can also dislodge them carefully using a long-handled roof rake. 

Heavy Rooftop Snow Loads

All the ice and snow sitting on your roof can eventually lead to your roof collapsing. Different roofs are designed to handle different weight loads. If yours isn’t equipped to handle the extra weight that the snow and ice are putting on your roof, it can be enough stress to make it collapse. If you see any signs that this is a possibility, contact a Frederick County roof builder to immediately inspect your roof.

Exacerbate Existing Roof Problems 

Winter weather can do more than create new problems. It can also make existing roof problems worse. If your roof has unsecured roof flashing, dislodged shingles, broken caulk, or other roof problems, snow and ice can make the problem worse. That’s why you should never wait to repair your roof. Always repair any damages immediately, and have your roof inspected frequently. 

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