Repair or Replacement: Which is Right for Your Roof?

Repair or Replacement: Which is Right for Your Roof?

One of the most under-appreciated parts of your home is your roof. You likely don’t think about your roof too often, but it’s is one of those things that you truly don’t appreciate until it’s broken. If you have a damaged roof, you may be wondering whether you should repair it or if you should build a whole new roof.

repair or replace roof

We have performed a number of roof repairs, as well as replacements, in Maryland and wanted to take a little time today to discuss when you should repair and when you should replace.

Damage to Your Shingles? You May Just Be Able to Replace Them

Most roofing shingles today are designed to last for years, but sometimes they can get damaged. If you have some damaged shingles, don’t fret, you may be able to replace them. Take a look at your shingles and make note of all of the damage. Then you should consult a Maryland roof replacement specialist, and let them come out and have a look, they’ll be able to let you know how to proceed.

Keep in mind that even if it doesn’t look like there’s serious damage, you should probably still have a Maryland roof repair contractor give it a good look over. There could be structural damage to either the underlayment or the decking. If you have any serious structural damage, it’s probably better to replace the roof.

Can I Just Patch Up the Damaged Areas?

If only a small portion of your roof is damaged you may want to try and patch it, and understandably so. Patching can work and is a lot cheaper than replacing a whole roof, but it poses all of the same dangers as replacing shingles. If you notice a section of your roof that might be in need of patching, you need to get into contact with a Maryland roof repair specialist ASAP. There could be moisture damage to your boards and the structure of your roof could be in jeopardy.

Additionally you should be on the lookout for any signs of sagging in your roof. A sagging roof could collapse at any moment, and if your roof is sagging, you really need to have a Maryland roof replacement company come out immediately.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Roof Replacement Company

You may be able to put off some chores around the house, but getting your roof back into tip-top shape isn’t one of them. Whether you think you only have a little bit of damage or a lot, you need to have a professional Maryland roof repair expert come out and inspect it. With something as serious as the integrity of your roof, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike, contact a Maryland roofing company today. Here at Maryland’s Best Remodeling we have years of experience and we know that we can have your roof looking as good as new, or we can give you a new one! Our team of Maryland roofing specialists is standing by ready to help in any way possible, so give us a call today.